07 May 2015

Interview with a Neurosurgeon on HIPAA & CC4CS

CC4CS recently had the chance to interview a very well known Neurosurgeon that had just come back from helping run a few clinics in the Middle East. He asked to keep his identity private due to the nature of his work but was more than happy to sit down with us and discuss a few questions towards HIPAA and why he is excited about what CC4CS will do for the Healthcare regulation world.

Q: Why would someone like you in the healthcare industry use CC4CS?
A: Because it is much cheaper to pay for software like CC4CS and know my healthcare business is secure and complaint rather than face steep fines from the Office of Civil Rights on HIPAA infractions, getting sued by our patients for not keeping their data safe and so many other problems.

Q: Can’t your IT department cover all your needs?
A: The IT department can run the software, they can run a system but they can not create processes and software that will keep my compliancy and privacy organized.

Q: Why not just fill out the HIPAA forms rather than use CC4CS?
A: HIPAA provides you the forms and requirements to be secure. However, there is no system given to healthcare practitioners on becoming private and secure.

Q: Why wouldn’t you just hire a third party company to make you complaint?
A: CC4CS is like hiring a third party but it is much cheaper and we can use this system as many times as we want in a year. It will allow us to train our employees per HIPAA requirements and stay organized with all the forms and requirements that come along with HIPAAA. CC4CS will constantly check our system giving us real time alerts and notifications when an HIPAA infraction is happening or someone is trying to hack our network. With HIPAA it is important to constantly analyze your network, security and privacy to make sure you are keeping up with fast paced environment of the digital age.

Q: If you were to be a manager of a large hospital with a giant budget, would you still use CC4CS?
A: Of course. No hospital has unlimited budget no matter the size. Especially with recent healthcare government regulations limiting their budget. Even if a hospital has a large budget, it should be spent wisely.

Q: If you are a manager of a Healthcare Company, why are you responsible for HIPAA?
A: Because the government regulation says that whoever is managing the Healthcare company is responsible for keeping that company secure and private. The IT department is not responsible for HIPAA, they are just there to help. IT helps make sure all our technology is running smoothly.

Thank you Dr. D for your time and inside look to how HIPAA effects the Healthcare Company internally. As always be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates on similar posts for compliance and security.

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